Classic Black And White Bedding

One of the most popular color choices for the modern bedroom is black and white. Black and white bedding and black and white bedding sets give your bedroom, guest room or child’s room a classic look that will suit any decor. Black and white can be feminine or masculine. Stripes and solids which used to be favored among bachelors are not the only choice when it comes to black and white bedding. Floral and scrolled designs give the bedroom a more feminine touch. Black and white bedding goes with any paint finish. White, beige, red, brown, blue, yellow, lilac, pink or black walls give a dramatic background for your ensemble and can change the overall look of the room.

Wrought iron, chrome, wood, wicker and shabby chic furniture all work with black and white bedding. Canopy beds are dramatic to begin with, but add a black and white comforter set to the mix and the look is breath-taking.


When choosing black and white bedding it is important to know what type of fabric you want. Bedding comes in a variety of fabrics and textures such as silk, linen, velvet, suede or cotton. Solids, prints and patterns are all available in black and white bedding. Black and white scroll bedding is one of the latest looks available for your loveseat sets and couch. These designs are embroidered, hand painted or flocked on to the fabric adding depth and sophistication. There are many sheet and comforter sets that blend these colors perfectly. Some comforter sets include the valance, curtains and throw pillows. A lot of designers feature adjustable bedding. This means you can reverse the entire set by turning it over creating a totally different look.

Another popular look these days is black bedding. Using black as the centerpiece for your bedroom creates a classic richness that you would not normally find with other colors. Most colors can be added to accessorize solid black bedding. Throw pillows in rich reds and yellows will add an Asian feel while accessories in pink and white give a romantic touch. Black and white bedding is a must if you are an art deco lover as sourced at

Updating with black and white accessories and bedding can often be all you need to change the look and feel of your bedroom. If you were considering new paint or furniture think again. Black and white bedding could be the answer and it will be a lot more economical.